Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Rise of the Video Ad

The ads on my website were getting a low number of clicks when I was using an older advertising platform. Some users had even taken great lengths to make sure the ads didn’t appear at all, such as using blocking software. While searching for a way to overcome this, I learned about outstream video ads, which was a video advertising platform. The platform would have a video ad on whatever page I wanted, and it would be seen whenever a user hovered the mouse over a certain section of the page.

I think video ads are a better way of getting people to notice an ad on a page. When the ads are simply stationary, they don’t really do much to draw attention. They just sit there and are normally forgotten or never clicked. Sometimes the ads may have slight animations or flashing colors, but these kinds are usually more annoying than attention grabbing. The ad has to walk a fine line of selling a product or service to a person, without being too intrusive or distracting. Continue reading