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Hello, welcome to the official website of Foshan Shunde Gold Orchid Decoration Material Co.,Ltd.

Sales Engineer

Sales Engineer (clerk)

Job Responsibilities: 
1, responsible for the market to open up channels for products and sales, execution and completion of the company's products annual sales plan; 
2, to maintain good communication with customers, real-time grasp customer needs; 
3, maintain and develop new sales channels and new customers, self-development and expansion of the end-user; 
4, dynamic grasp of market information, on a regular basis to the company providing market analysis and forecast reports and monthly personal work week 
5, and complete other business needs with the completion of the work.

1, 30 years of age, college education; 
More than 2, 1 year sales experience in the industry, have a good sense of customer service; 
3, expression ability, good communication skills and affinity; 
4, responsible, able to work under pressure; 
5, there is a strong sense of teamwork, good challenge; 
6, building materials industry experience, a good EFL is preferred;

Solid wood appearance

Anticorrosive and durable

Easy to process

Stable shape

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